June 6, 2018
​ The June 2018 meeting was held on the 6th at Little Log House. Members present were Dave W., Kate An and Hud.

We continued discussing the possibility of buying a cargo trailer for our sound system and props. We decided that a 5x8 would be big enough. Several used ones (or at least older models) were found on craigslist but were in West Salem, WI. Kate An and Hud took an action to check with a dealer in Inver Grove Heights. Since then a visit was made and they have only two available and one has a front door in addition to the rear ramp. It would be perfect except the price is $3200. We will keep looking.

A check has been sent to Renegade for ammo. He is still supposed to have it ready by end of June.

A contract and attendance list has been delivered to the Log House folks along with a request to set aside camping space for us at the same place as last year.

Hud still needs to contact Dewey in Forest City to talk contract, camping space and the actual day that we need to perform.

We are planning to use our buggy in the blacksmith scenario to change it up a bit. Tried to think of ways to make our outfits dusty from the trail and decided flour might be the way to go to achieve that.
We discussed a number of ways to initiate shooting for the blacksmith scenario since that has usually been awkward in the past.
With no other members there to brainstorm we concluded that we would once again be “winging it” as far as the scenarios go.

  Our only other chance to plan is at the next meeting which will be July 11th.

Hud needs an updated list of those attending all our events this year so we can plan scenarios to best include everybody.

  Please send a YES or NO by email to Hud at

Our events are:  
Log House July 28&29
Lanesboro August 5
Forest City August 25 or 26

Happy trails

July 11

26565 Nicolai Ave
Cannon Falls,MN 55009
(507) 263-2398

Posse Members:      
                                 Ken Cooksey
                                 Hud Heidlebaugh
                                 Dave Wenzel

Sheriff:                    Dave Wenzel
Deputy Sheriff:       TBD
Recorder:                Hud Heidlebaugh
Safety Officer:        Hud Heidlebaugh

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