July 10, 2019
Our July meeting was held at Little Log House on the 10th. Members present were Dave W., Des, Hud and Kate An.
At that time Hud was still awaiting the ammo shipment from Renegade and folks were getting a bit worried. After discussion we decided not to look for another source. Past searches have found that Renegade is less expensive and way more flexible as far as the types of loads we can order. Also, he hasn’t been late—yet.

Hud had bought a decent amount of old west clothing and other goods from Jody as she has decided to not do re-enactments again. Some of those goods were donated by her to pass on to members in need of more clothing. We went through them and made some distributions. Big thanks to Jody.

Arrangements for Log House and Lanesboro were discussed. Some members were non-committal for participating and some were one day only so we decided, as usual, that we would just be “winging it”.

We also discussed the need for new members and decided that we should invite interested people to join when we announce the scenarios.

Since that meeting, we performed at Log House successfully. A big “thank you” goes out to all who showed and participated. This was the first performance for 16 yr old Logan Ehrhardt and second time for Troy LaFay. We welcome these new members and hope they stay with us for a long time. We did mention that those interested should talk to us after the scenario and several parties did that so we may get some more new members.
Also since that meeting, the ammo arrived about a week before Log House. On preparing for the event Hud found some more .45’s squirreled away so we actually had about 600 rounds in inventory before the new shipment. That’s more than we need to cover a late shipment so will try to maintain a safe inventory just in case.

While at Log House, Dewey the blacksmith confirmed that they want us at Forest City, IA again. This will be Saturday August 24th.

Reminder for Lanesboro Sunday, August 4th:
Meet at the bank at 9:30
Bank Robbery at 11:00
Shootout in the park at 12:30
Parade at 1:30

Happy Trails,

Happy Trails,

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Posse Members:      
                                 Ken Cooksey
                                 Hud Heidlebaugh
                                 Dave Wenzel

Sheriff:                    Dave Wenzel
Deputy Sheriff:       TBD
Recorder:                Hud Heidlebaugh
Safety Officer:        Hud Heidlebaugh

Cannon Old West Society
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formed of individuals to promote
a common interest in the
"OLD WEST" and is dedicated
to the safe enjoyment of
 reenactments of our 
Western Heritage.