November 7, 2018
​                          Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Since the last newsletter we played at the Horse and Mule Days in Forest City, Iowa and had a little get-together at Kate An’s home in Inver Grove Heights.

We were a big hit at Forest City with a high percentage of attendants turning out to watch our scenarios. The scenarios that all 7 of us performed. It was a struggle but it was a fun challenge. Thanks to Cowboy Kieth, Miz Peach, Sue Hynes, Steve Creason, Dave Wentzel, Kate An and Hud. This event shows promise to get bigger and it was fun to do. We expect to be invited back by our old friend Dewey, the blacksmith from Log House.

The get-together at Kate An’s was small but we want it to become a regular occurrence—maybe a spring kickoff meeting as well as a year-end review. It is meant to be for past, current and future members. It was catered by Tinucci’s from Newport and the food was awesome. Attendees were Cesairo and Diane, Miz Peach, Steve C., Dave W.,Kate An and Hud. We tried to make this a swap meet, too, but we could use more attendees to make that a success. Altan and Beulah were also on hand for photo ops and to add a little cowboy atmosphere to the event. We discussed the year’s activity and tossed around some ideas as to how to improve the scenarios. Ideas included building on the dialogue(mainly tongue twisters)in the blacksmith scenario. We have 6 microphones so we have room to expand the dialogue.

Our last meeting for the year was November 7th at Kings in Miesville. You could have called it Dave has dinner with Kate An and Hud.

We discussed possibilities of new members. Hud has a potential new member on the mailing list already and Kate An has posted a “Members Wanted” ad on Facebook. This post is on our club’s Facebook page and you can share it on your own site to get the word out.

We also want to look into an event that was suggested to us at Forest City. This would be at Fort Dodge which isn’t very far from Forest City.

We intend to order more ammo over the winter so as to avoid last minute delivery like this year.

We will keep looking for a small enclosed trailer that would be dedicated to our sound system and props.

We will also keep our eyes peeled for a small wagon to cart props (or kids) around. Antique or reproduction would work.

We had more discussion about the card game scenario and how to initiate the fight. The dealer could accuse somebody of cheating (which would be absurd), somebody gets scared and bolts for the door and gets shot. We are certainly open to any other ideas, but we have had a tough time trying to start the shooting.

The Waseca Sleigh & Cutter parade is Saturday Feb 9th and they are expecting us to play. 
**Please notify Hud with a YES or NO for this event ASAP. **

We only had 5 members last year and it was a real struggle. We haven’t decided yet whether or not to have a meeting prior to this event. 

 Let us know your thoughts on that.

Happy Trails

July 11

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