Old West
C.O.W.S. is a living history organization formed of individuals that promote a common interest in the "OLD WEST."  We are dedicated to the safe enjoyment of reenactments of our Western heritage.  
C.O.W.S. performs reenactments of old west activities dressed in authentic period clothing (1865-1899).
Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • Parades: Dress up your town's parade with saloon girls, wild west performers, and cowboys riding horseback. 

  • Bank Robberies:  Formatted to fit your town. Outlaws and deputies in gunfights over hostages and haybales (horses optional).

  • Jail Breaks:  Badguys breaking out of jail; deputies shooting it out.  Do they get away on horseback?  That's up to you.

  • Street Shootout: Bounty hunters ride into town tracking outlaws.  A ruckus begins between the outlaws and bounty hunters when the deputies step in and the shootout begins.

  • Shootout at the Corral: Cowboys and lawmen have a confrontation outside of the corral. The outlaws and deputies end up in a gunfight over hostages and hay bales.

  • Street Robbery: Drunken Cattle-baron is in town whooping it up with his cowboys.  A gang of outlaws steal his saddlebag of riches and the shootout begins between the outlaws and cowboys. 

  • Drunken Cowboys:  Cowboys in the saloon after a long hard trailride, drinking too much, and harassing the (COWS) townspeople.  Deputies come to their rescue, and yes you guessed it, there are shootouts in the streets.
Last Update: August 14, 2022
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